About me

Growing up I always wanted to give people happy experiences through the creation of games and music. Now, fully determined to bring my passions to a profession, pursuing to be a game design impressionist.

Achieving this through the crafts as Music Composer and Technical Designer, having a strong preference towards story driven experiences.


Currently studying Game Design & Production at Breda University of Applied Sciences. Graduated from Deltion College studying Game Development.




Hi, I'm Jordi, A game development graduate currently studying Game Design at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

I'm an all-round game developer specialized in Game Design, Game Programming and Game Music. 

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Technical Designer at Wispfire


Herald: An Interactive Period Drama is an award-winning story-driven game by Wispfire

Description: As a narrative designer, scenes from the upcoming Book III were set up to experience the written story in a game. This was done by setting up dialogue trees and placing characters, props, events and camera positions in the 3D environment with the project's vision in mind.  Later, as a Game Developer, the UI was improved and various bugs were fixed for patch 1.2.0.

⏱ One year    🔧 Unity (C#)     👫 Team of 7    🎮 PC/MacOS/Linux     👨‍🔧 Game Developer / Designer

As a UX Designer I Improved the UI to be more diegetic. The UI is now projected on an animated mesh. This allows for panning and page flipping as shown in the video.



Tilt Shift Final Mock-Up.png

Student Project: Tilt Shift (WIP)

Tilt Shift Final Mock-Up.png

Description: As the lead track designer I will come up with the initial track ideas, create the blockouts for the tracks and communicate with system designers and artists to implement their intended gameplay behaviour and visual direction. This project is currently in pre-production!

⏱ 24 Weeks    🔧 Unreal Engine 4 (BP)    👫 Team of 15    🎮 PS4    👨‍🔧 Track Designer Lead / Audio Designer


I presented various research topics on Environmental Track Design through one-pagers to get everyone in the team on board with my vision on track design.

To test various camera settings, I created a debug tool to tweak it during run-time.

Student Project: What Walks on Four Legs


Description: As a Technical Designer I established good communication within the team creating documents explaining workflow and pipelines. Such as technical feature breakdowns, cinematography and audio design. Implemented new features, events and the camera angles in the game. Being an all-round developer I also developed certain front-end features, drew bits of the UI, composed and arranged the soundtrack.

⏱ 8 Weeks    🔧 Unreal Engine 4 (BP)    👫 Team of 8    🎮 PC    👨‍🔧 Technical Designer / Audio Designer