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Student Solo Project

FR-Oudegracht is a themed multiplayer map I created for Unreal Tournament's Blitz game mode as a solo project. It is based on Oudegracht, a historical district in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Unreal Engine - 2 months (2020)

I created a multiplayer shooter map for the Blitz game mode for Unreal Tournament 4.

Blitz is a team versus team mode in which both teams have to take the opponents flag. There are multiple control points as well.

The process started with coming up with a theme. I wanted something familiar with enough verticality. I chose to use the area around Oudegracht in Utrecht.

  1. I went to the area to take photos for inspiration.

  2. Created a node-map.

  3. Using the nodemap I created sketches. Iterating on it I ended up with the final digital sketch.

  4. I created the block-out in Unreal Engine. Ran tests and iterated on the map.

  5. I added additional theming and basic set dressing.

One-pager of the map.

Impression of the map in-game.

Fly-through of the map.

The node map, first sketch and final digital sketch.

Some shots of the final map and the minimap.

The level design document

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