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Talky (UE4/5 Dialogue Plugin)

Personal Project

Talky is a dynamic dialogue plugin I created for Unreal Engine 4/5. It's a complete event-driven system for making branching dialogues with character animations, camera angles and is easily extendable. With the focus on creating a better UX for narrative designers than the competitors currenty found on the marketplace.

Urean Engine - 12 months (2022)

Talky as personal project

In the summer of 2021 I started working on my own dialogue tool for Unreal Engine. I found out that I can make something more interesting than the competitors found in the Unreal Engine Marketplace. What makes Talky special is its unique, custom and very user friendly interface, compared to competitors that are reusing animator and blueprint graphs.

Talky was inspired by ChatMapper and Dialoguer

Working on this project I set up these requirements for the tool:

  1. It is a self-contained plugin.

  2. Full stack.

  3. It is completely made using Blueprints for easy extendability by designers.

  4. Completely data driven and localizable.

  5. Custom events and nodes can be added without having to modify plugin files.

  6. Documentation in the form of a wiki page to explain how to use the tool.

  7. It will be a product that can be sold on the Unreal Marketplace.

Talky used in Child of Lothian

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