Tropical Trouble

As a Technical Level Designer ( 4 months)

[Video of completed block-out]

  • Set up level design metrics based on the vehicle controller and competitor analysis.

  • Set up the level design pipelines to creating a new level concept to a finished block-out.

  • Testing and iterating on the pipelines by creating a level block-out.

As a Technical UI/UX Designer ( 2 months)


  • Concepted the complete menu flow in flowcharts and screen mock-ups.

  • Created a data-driven menu system that uses currently available vehicles and tracks to generate the menu screens.

  • Concepted and developed the HUD functionality including minimap, player standing and lap times.

  • Developed the high score system for all game modes on all tracks.

  • Added juice and polish to the UI.

Level Design Metrics

[Image of metrics]

I created a level design excel sheet to communicate the level design metrics to all level designers. (Track length, road width, Item placements, etc...).

This was done by researching competitor games and testing what feels correct with the metrics of the vehicle controller.

My goal for creating the level design metrics and pipelines is to allow for simultaneous development of levels by multiple level designers that in the end will look, feel and play similar and are consistent in quality.

Level Design Pipelines

[Image of pipeline presentation]

I researched tools to use for the level design and created a presentation on how to get started making a level.

This was done by researching the Unreal Engine and the breaking down level design in competitor games.

My goal was to improve the onboarding for new level designers joining our team. To create some documentation so that they can quickly grasp the vision, learn the tools, and establish how to communicate with other disciplines throughout the development.

Level Block-out

[Image of block-out]

I created a level block-out for the game to test the established metrics and pipelines. The level block-out was also used to test the vehicle metrics. I first made the concept and node-map and proposed it to the team. After that I used the spline-tool to get the block-out of the track in the engine for testing.

My goal was to test if the metrics and pipelines work in practice and iterate on them.

UI Flowcharts and Mock-ups

Menu flow

Menu screen mock-ups

I created flowcharts and screen mock-ups for the menus in the game. I researched competitor games and focused on how to make the interaction with the menus fun.

My goal was to make a smooth and fun experience for the player, as they have to go through a couple of menus before each race.

Data driven menu system

Video showing the generated menus using data.

I created a data system for the UI. That data is picked up by the UI system and generated the menus. I used blueprints and Datatables to set this up.

My goal was to make te UI easily extendable for the future. Whether we want 2 or 5 tracks or cars in the final game, the UI won't have to be recreated as it automatically adjusts to the data in the table.

HUD Functionality

[Video of HUD]

I created the functionaltiy of the HUD. It includes the minimap, player standing, speed and boost meters and lap times.

I researched what info is desired to know while racing the track by looking at competitor games. I then used blueprints to implement the systems.

High score system

[Image of highscores]

I created the highscore system that supports multiple game modes on multiple tracks. It records the play time, medals earned and vehicle chosen. I set up a save system that save the highscores to a local file.

My goal was to add some rewards and replayability to the final product. By giving the player some target times, they are more inclined to retry the track to beat them. They can challenge friends by showing their own best times.

Juice and Polish

To make the game stand out, I created animated effects to the buttons. I researched how this is possible and found a way using Unreal Engine's UMG Retainer Boxes with an animated material.

[more ui animations]


You can play Tropical Trouble here!

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