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Student Group Project

Parcel is a narrative horror mystery game in which you protect your wife Amily from a stalker by exploring dioramas and then guiding her through branching phone calls. With a small team of three people, I took care of programming all the systems and directed the narrative.

Unity3D - 3 months (2019)

As solo programmer for the project, I coded all the game's systems, around 70 scripts.

These systems include:

  • Branched dialogue system

  • Interaction system

  • UI Design and Programming

  • Character 3Cs

Here's a quick look on the Interaction System. I created a base class with a custom inspector window to quickly add the desired interactivity as components to any object.

Interaction system Ingame

Interaction system in editor

BaseInteractiveObject.cs (MonoBehaviour)

One of the core gameplay is the text-based adventure style gameplay in which you have a phone call with Amily. The Dialogue system is entirely data driven with a custom editor.

Dialogue System Ingame

Dialogue System Inspector

Dialogue.cs (ScriptableObject)

DialogueEditor.cs (Editor)

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